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OMNIKIN® ULTRA balls are made of a heavy duty 100% nylon cover, they are ideal for outdoors or group activities. You can roll it, pass and move the ball in team, make a tag game by touching players with the ball, keep your balance on the ball with the help of teammates, play giant volleyball or other more competitive games.

Two choices of bladders are available only for the 24" ball, the regular latex bladder with neck and the latex bladder with athletic.
-The regular latex bladder has a large opening to be able to inflate and deflate quickly the ball. However, this bladder is not made to stay inflated for a long period of time.
-The latex bladder with athletic valve has a small opening and stay inflated for a long period of time.

-Size : 24” (0,61 m), 36” (0,92 m), 48” (1.22 m), 60” (1,52 m), 72” (1,83 m)
-Weight : 0,6lb (0,3kg) 24" regular bladder or 0,7lb (0,35kg) 24" athletic valve bladder, 1,5lb (0,7kg), 3lb (1,35kg), 4lb (1,8kg), 5,3lb (2,4kg)
-Includes two bladders, the second bladder included in the packaging is the warranty for the first bladder.
-Two-year warranty for the fabric cover.
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