Official Kin-Ball Sport Ball


48" (1.22 m)


2.2 lb (1 kg)


2 years


100% high-tenacity nylon

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Ballon de sport KIN-BALL officiel
Ballon de sport KIN-BALL officiel

About this product

The only official ball for the Kin-Ball sport (size and weight) approved by the International Kin-Ball Sport Federation. 100% “high tenacity” nylon cover with double-stitched seams of nylon thread. Available in 3 colours (pink, gray and black). This is an Omnikin flagship product that not only allows playing Kin-Ball but also opens the door to a whole family of cooperative games.

The only organized cooperative sport in the world, KIN-BALL is played with three teams of four players on a surface no larger than 60′ per 60′ (20 m per 20 m). Besides the fun of playing, Kin-Ball Sport is known as an activity that helps the integration of people with disabilities. Also, it is used in programs to fight childhood obesity and bullying in schools.

A TPU bladder is now available for this ball. This bladder is more durable than the latex version as it is more resistant to heat and humidity. It is latex-free for people with allergies. It can be easily repaired. The weight of the ball and the effect of the ball during the game is the same as with the latex version.

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Games you can play with this product

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Available training


Kin-ball Sport

No physical contact, no intimidation, no interference and no one left out. With this session, you will learn why Kin-Ball is a sport of inclusiveness and what it can do for your students.


Omnikin Giant

You will experience it all with Omnikin’s durable 33″ to 72″ lightweight and colourful balls. Play a great number of cooperative games with our Omnikin balls that promote maximum student participation for large and small groups.

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