Cowboy PE Game Idea 8




33" (0.84 m) to 48" (1.22 m)

Age group

6 years old and +


12-30 participants



Activity Type



Individual physical education activity

Tired of the same old PE games? Introduce Cowboy to your class. This physical education game can be played both outdoors and indoors, is inclusive, and requires little preparation time. It’s a great way to improve students reflexes.


Participants must have good reflexes and move only when necessary to advance from one round to the next and become the champion.


This team physical education activity will enhance participants’ reflexes and eye-hand coordination to stay the last one alive.

How the game is played

Group the participants in a circle and ask them to face the center and place their hands on the side of their hips (where the guns are). The activity leader will then move from participant to participant to test their “cowboy reflexes” by doing two different things. First, they can throw the ball. The targeted participant will then have to draw and block the ball with their hands. If the ball hits their stomach, chin or nose, they are out and must sit down. The other action the activity leader can do is to pretend to throw the ball by holding it by the neck. In this situation, the participant must not move at all. If they move, they are eliminated and must sit down. The game then continues round by round with winners until there is only one winner.

Specific safety rules

When throwing the ball, the activity leader should aim for the torso to avoid contact (if the participant is not moving) with the nose or chin.

Teaching tips

A fun and calming activity.

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