Bouncing balls is only part of the fun!

Did you know that Omnikin balls can be used for all types of activities and games? What’s more, we have designed exclusive balls that make it easier for kids to learn conventional sports like soccer and volleyball.

Not just for kids!

Our balls can benefit more than just elementary and highschool kids! In fact, Omnikin balls are used for many different clienteles, including people with special needs and seniors!


Omnikin products for PE and other activities


Q: What is the difference between a regular and athletic valve bladder?

A: The regular bladder has a wide opening, it inflates and deflates quickly when you need to carry the balls. The athletic valve bladder has a small opening. It inflates and deflates with a small adaptor. The athletic valve bladder is only available for balls of 24’’ and less.

Q: What separates Omnikin from other PE and sports balls?

A: Lightness and resistance of OMNIKIN® balls are unmatched on the market. All OMNIKIN® brand balls are made by high quality standards and feature the OMNIKIN® logo. The difference is noticeable in the quality of the fabric used and seams. Beware of imitations, those balls are often made with thin fabrics and weak seams or with a heavier bladder with less bounce and less resistant.

Q: My Omnikin ball is deflating by itself after a few days. Is this normal?

A: Under constant conditions and if properly closed, the ball should remain inflated from a few days to a few weeks before creases are visible on the cover. Latex, the main component of the bladder, naturally leaks a certain quantity of air through time. You only have to re-inflate your ball when creases are visible. A ball deflated by 50% in 48 hours is not normal and considered to be a manufacturing defect. In such a case, use the 2nd bladder provided with your purchase. If there is a hole in your bladder, you can easily locate it by inflating the bladder without its outer cover (do not inflate the bladder larger than the size of your ball). OMNIKIN® balls are also sensitive to temperature change. They become softer when exposed to cold. This is because warm air pressure is lower than the pressure of cold air and the outer cover of OMNIKIN® balls is thinner than conventional sport balls. Normally, it should return to normal once moved to a warmer temperature.

Q: Can Omnikin balls be used by people who are allergic to latex?

A: OMNIKIN® regular bladders and those with athletic valves are made of latex, despite the fact that the allergy level is different from one person to another. They are not recommended for people with allergies. However, bladders and other OMNIKIN® products are made of TPU and latex free. See the products for more details, otherwise please contact us for more information.

Q: What size of Omnikin ball is recommended for my age group?

A: All OMNIKIN® balls are lightweight and safe for all ages. They can also be used by physically or mentally handicapped people. Despite the fact that handling of large balls can vary for different age groups, the choice of size mainly depends on the game’s purpose rather than the age group. Larger balls are mostly intended for games where the ball stays on the ground or group games. The space you have available to do the activities will also guide the size of the ball you choose. Please refer to our games page for more information.

Q: What is the normal useful life of the bladders and covers?

Q: Bladders
It is difficult to determine a fixed rule. Concerning latex bladders which is a sensitive material that naturally degrades with time. Useful lifetime depends on the conditions of use: frequency, storage time, temperature of use, humidity, light, etc. In general, a well-maintained latex bladder has a lifetime between 2 to 5 years. For TPU bladders, this material is less sensitive and does not degrade as quickly over time. The conditions of use and storage also have less negative effect on this material. It is less vulnerable when exposed to heat. Since it is repairable, its life span is extended compared to latex bladders. For both bladders, it is important to be aware of sharp objects to avoid damaging the bladders.
The normal useful life of the nylon covers is 10 years. They are made of a very resistant fabric and are repairable.

Q: How do I know which bladder size to order based on the ball I have?

A: There is a label on the opening of the nylon cover that indicates the name and size of the ball. If the label is no longer there, simply measure the length of your nylon cover from the bottom to the cover opening. This dimension will be greater than the actual size of your ball. You just have to order the size of the bladder below the measured dimension.