Omnikin Soccer Ball


14" (0.36 m)


0.71 lb (0.32 kg)


2 years


100% high-tenacity nylon

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ballon geant omnikin soccer
ballon geant omnikin soccer

About this product

Omnikin Soccer is an oversized, soft and lightweight ball. The cover is made of 100% high-tenacity nylon. This ball is perfect for learning soccer since the ball is light, safe, easy to kick and fully resistant. Learning skills, such as kicking and throwing, will be easier to achieve with this ball. This ball can be used at the beach or on grass. Other games are possible with this versatile ball. Fun and success guaranteed!

Two choices of bladders are available, the latex bladder with athletic valve and the vinyl bladder.

  • The latex bladder with an athletic valve has a small opening and stays inflated for a long period of time.
  • The vinyl bladder has the same properties, a small opening and stays inflated for a long period, but this bladder is better for outside use. Also, these bladders are latex-free for people who have allergies.

This ball is perfect for everyone, including people with special needs or older participants, because it is easier to handle than a traditional ball. We recommend games with this product in our guide for special needs clienteles.

This ball offers an excellent balance in terms of weight/size ratio. It is heavy enough to travel a good distance and light enough not to injure or upset participants. Moreover, given its size, it allows reaching results quickly even if the techniques of the sport (soccer) are not mastered by participants.

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