Outside Kin-ball sport ball


40" (1.02 m)


2.2 lb (1 kg)


2 years


100% high-tenacity nylon

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About this product

You already know about Kin-Ball, the sport played with three teams of four players and a giant ball, but you don’t have access to a big enough gym? The outdoor ball is ideal for schools with small gym and day camps. It is slightly smaller and heavier, the cover is adapted to outdoor conditions. With this ball, you can play outside on a grassy or dirt surface, in the snow or on the beach. It is a blue ball with a 100% high-tenacity nylon cover with double-stitched seams of nylon thread designed to play Kin-Ball sport outdoors, in teams of 3 people (instead of 4).


A TPU bladder is now available for this ball. This ball is more durable than the latex version as it is more resistant to heat and humidity (highly recommended during summer days). It is latex-free for people with allergies. It can be easily repaired. The weight of the ball and the effect of the ball during the game is the same as with the latex version.

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