Kin-ball Sport


2 to 16 hours

Age group


High School


12 to 30


Inside - Outside

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A non-traditional cooperative sport for everyone!
No physical contact, no intimidation, no interference and no one left out. With this session, you will learn why Kin-ball is a sport of inclusiveness and what it can do for your students. You will also learn how to introduce this Canadian sport to your students and all the basic strategies that will make you stand out.
Kin-ball sport is played with 3 teams and a very light 4-foot ball. It requires skills and strategies not found in any traditional athletic competition, and every member of the team is involved in continuous action.
According to the Department of Kinesiology of Auburn University in Alabama, the percentage of physical activity of Kin-Ball is 72.3%. Kin-ball Sport also ″provides equal opportunities for physical activity for male and female students regardless of age, height, weight and level of play.″
During the session, participants will learn how to play and teach Kin-ball Sport. They will also explore other games that can be played with the giant ball.


Kin-ball sport develops cooperation, respect for others, and surpassing oneself according to their strengths, all while having fun.

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