Omnikin ball holder






2 years


Made of Nylon

Easy to carry

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About this product

The OMNIKIN® ball holder is designed to hold OMNIKIN® balls in place when inflated. It is designed for all our balls from the smaller to the larger. It can also hold several small balls. Besides keeping balls in place during the explanation of a game and save time. Perfect for outdoor use. The ball holder is also useful to create an obstacle in the OMNIKIN® POISON game or to play the Tic-tac-toe game with balls.The use of these ball holders makes it possible to play many of the games in the Guide for Special Customers.

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Games you can play with this product

PE Game Idea 6 | Poison

Poison Game, an Omnikin game, helps participants learn how to throw an object at opponents. Learn more about this PE game and PE activity by Omnikin.


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