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OMNIKIN® Poison balls are a set of 3 light and durable balls of 18". With this kit, one entire class can be involved in the new game OMNIKIN® Poison. You can play in small or larger groups. With this game, you will finger dribble, catch, throw, tag, and dodge.

Two choices of bladders are available, the regular latex bladder with neck and the latex bladder with athletic.
-The regular latex bladder has a large opening to be able to inflate and deflate quickly the ball. However, this bladder is not made to stay inflated for a long period of time.
-The latex bladder with athletic valve has a small opening and stay inflated for a long period of time.

-This set contains 3 nylon "high tenacity" ball covers pink, yellow and black.
-Size : 18" (0,46m)
-Weight : 0,52lb (0,24kg)
-Includes two latex bladders, the second bladder included in the packaging is the warranty for the first bladder.
-Two-year warranty for the fabric cover.
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