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OMNIKIN® TPU and Street KIN-BALL® Sport

Ball Specifications

The OMNIKIN® TPU balls measure 24’’ (0,61 m) and 33’’ (0,84 m) in diameter and are made of high quality membrane; the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Their design are really original because of the colours and the transparence of TPU. The OMNIKIN® TPU ball 24’’ is ideal for the beach, the pool and even the gymnasium for example to play giant volleyball. KIN-BALL® Street sport ball 33’’ is made to practice KIN-BALL® sport outside. These balls all stand the tests of water, chlorine, salt water and ultraviolet rays. They float really well, they are lightweight, resistant and does not deflate. Use them for team games where everyone participate and move.

  • Sizes: 24” (0,61 m) (colored writing on the ball) and 33” (0,84 m) (white writing on the ball)
  • Weight: 0,84 lbs (0,38 kg) and 1,3 lbs (0,59 kg)

  • SAFE



Material :
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane membrane
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