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About us

Move with us!

At OMNIKIN®, our team is devoted to the well-being of all in educational and recreational environments. We offer activities, and recreational and innovative sport products that provide to every participants a maximum of security and pleasure, indoors as well as outdoors. Everything is thought of in order to be easy to use and to organize. Creativity and cooperation are also part of the equation. The excellent value for money on our overall products and activities and the simplicity to place an order will guarantee success in your goals. Have fun exploring!

OMNIKIN®: a company in motion.

OMNIKIN® saw the day of light in 1985 and is in continual progress on the global scale since its beginning. Now present in almost 40 countries, OMNIKIN® is realizing the dream of its founder, Mario Demers, a physical education professional, who wanted to encourage everyone to regularly engage into physical activity and access these benefits that are good for the body and the mind.

OMNIKIN® is unique for its amazing innovation, originality and effectiveness of the games and products it developed. OMNIKIN® activities and products encourage cooperation between participants and promote notions such as healthy competition and participation. All OMNIKIN® activities are easy to plan and require a minimum of supervision. Specific workshops are also available to maximize the outcome for organizers and physical education teachers in order to reach total satisfaction from all participants. An increasing number of institutional distributors of sport articles are ensuring the availability of OMNIKIN® products.