Why use Omnikin giant balls for physical activity?

December 5, 2023

Kids dribble ball playing the Poison Game
Written by Dominic Courchesne
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Staying physically active is important to everyone’s mental and physical health. Yet, conventional physical activities might not appeal to kids, teenagers and adults alike.

Traditional physical activity might not resonate with everyone due to past negative experiences, such as injuries, inability to practice a specific type of sport to the required level, teasing or bullying, or simply a lack of interest and support.

The competitive nature of many sports can be off-putting too. Some may feel they lack the skills to participate confidently and alongside peers.

Physical limitations, body consciousness, and cultural or societal norms can further deter people from taking up physical activity.

Recognizing these barriers can lead to more inclusive and adaptive approaches, like those offered by alternative sports, making physical activity appealing to a broader audience. In fact, that is exactly why Omnikin was founded!

Omnikin Rugby Game

Did you know that Omnikin’s giant balls are a great way for PE teachers and other educators to get children and teens excited about physical activity?

Let’s explore the top reasons you should incorporate oversized balls in your curricula or activity plans?

Giant balls from Omnikin: Innovative designs that cater to people of all abilities

One of the unique advantages of Omnikin’s giant balls is that, even though they are oversized balls, they are lightweight. This makes them easier to handle and throw, which means that nobody needs highly technical skills to use them.


Games with large balls are more accessible to people of all levels, which definitely levels the playing field for die-hard athletes, beginners and everyone in between. Thanks to giant balls, everyone gets a chance to participate, and the likelihood of participants staying motivated naturally increases.

Futhermore, because of their design, giant Omnikin’s balls are lighter and travel more slowly, making them less likely to cause any harm if players tend to get carried away because of a competitive streak or being too excited.

Oversized balls: So many possibilities!

With large Omnikin balls, the beauty is in their versatility. You can plan a wide range of different activities that will please all types of personalities, age levels, and interests. Diversity and novelty in PE games are often enough to get participants moving, as the fun level is amped up. Switching up games and activities with giant balls goes a long way of inciting people to come to PE class or an organized activity.

Also, activities with big balls enable more successful interactions between the players and each other as well as the ball. For example, it’s easier to kick an Omnikin ball as part of a soccer game than it is with a regular soccer ball. Omnikin makes highly technical sports or activities more accessible. More success = greater interest. This is especially the case for teenagers who have anxiety or little self-confidence!

Omnikin Soccer Game

Traditional sports: A new way of teaching with giant balls

Sometimes, young people have a hard time adopting a sport because it is difficult to master the moves with smaller balls. Think: soccer, volleyball, basketball and rugby.

Volley Outside Action

With easy-to-use giant balls from Omnikin, PE teachers and educators can help participants who are having difficulty with a sport learn the tricks of the trade, so to speak, with oversized balls.

Once participants get the hang of the movements and handling with a large ball, they can “graduate” to the balls intended for the sport.

Giant balls: The wow factor

Let’s face it. Today’s younger generations are stimulated by a sense of newness—all the time. Because of digital screens and social media, they quickly become ho-hum once they get used to something. Luckily, giant balls achieve two goals. For one, the oversized nature of the ball adds a fascinating twist to conventional sports and games.

In addition, the unpredictability of Omnikin giant ball games (and many of them!) adds to the thrills and enthusiasm.

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Oversized balls: Are they suitable for elementary school children?

Giant balls are an exceptional tool for elementary-grade activities due to their appeal and adaptability. Believe it or not, their substantial size can make them less intimidating for younger children, as it often means the oversized balls travel at a slower, more manageable pace.

Giant balls also foster cooperative play, where teamwork and coordination become paramount.

Also, large balls offer a tactile experience that can stimulate sensory processing, aiding in young children’s physical development.

Moreover, their visible presence can make learning and exercise more playful and enjoyable.

Corridor Game in action

Large balls: Do high schoolers even care?

We hear you. The teenage angst is real. But from our experience, the attitudes come down a notch when high schoolers start playing with giant balls. As mentioned before, large balls can introduce refreshing takes to been-there, done-that sports.

3 in 1 game in action

At an age where peer pressure and self-consciousness can be at their peak, the shared joy of playing with an entirely new type of equipment can act as an impressive equalizer that emphasizes fun over beating out the competition.

Giant balls challenge students to think creatively and strategically as well as work together as a team (communication, collaboration and caring!). Giant balls present a more inclusive and enjoyable alternative for teenagers seeking non-traditional ways to stay active or those who might have felt excluded from standard sports.

Typical sports and physical activities might not appeal to everyone, especially those who find them too challenging or who might have had negative experiences in the past. Omnikin offers a fresh perspective by blending fun, fitness, and camaraderie.

No matter what ages you teach, give Omnikin a try.

Who knows? This might just be the start of a lifelong passion for staying active!

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