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November 14, 2014

Written by Pierre-Julien Hamel
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Did you know that KIN-BALL® sport has been taught in more than 27 countries? Also a dozen has a federation and they participate at the world championship with more than 4 million players worldwide.

Lately, KIN-BALL® sport is getting more and more popular in Brasil. Because of someone named Archimedes De Moura jr. who has discovered us and want KIN-BALL® sport to be played in his country. Our master trainer Pierre-Julien went last year to give workshops there, and since that, it is growing more and more. There is even a tv show that talked about KIN-BALL® sport recently.

We also appeared on 2 of the most important magazines too; Veja and Epoca. See this Facebook page to know more what is going on in Brasil.

As you can see on the picture, they played monster truck at Copacabana beach in Rio. Fun was really there and this is only the beginning. Here are other link to see amazing pictures of this sport in South America.

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