Omnikin Activity Guide for Special Needs Clienteles

June 14, 2023

Written by Pierre-Julien Hamel
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The purpose of this guide is to be a concrete and effective tool for physical education teachers and recreation practitioners working with specific clienteles. In collaboration with the FQLI, this guide was created and tested on the target populations to ensure a dynamic and developmentally appropriate final product.


Improve the cardiovascular capacity and the endurance

Improve participants’ coordination and balance

Can be carried out individually, in small teams or in groups


  • Wide variety of activities and skill levels, regardless of the condition of your participants
  • Versatility of Omnikin products which allows activities to be carried out
  • Optimal safety using Omnikin products

How to promote a good integration of activities with participants

To assist professionals (PE teachers, recreation professionals, etc.) to present these activities to their participants, we have developed an instructional guide that is free to download!

In this guide, you will find:

Omnikin product list
All the balls and accessories necessary to carry out the activities.

The phases of the activity
How to segment a typical session of physical and leisure activities.

The planning your activities
The different objectives to target for the smooth running of activities.

A classification of the activities
Different symbols with a key classifying the activities according to the equipment available, the participants’ abilities and the personnel present.

What is needed to carry out the activities
The purpose of the activity, the material resources needed and the description of the activity as well as the variations or adaptations that appear for each activity.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What products to use to carry out the activities of the guide?

A: Three sets of products are offered depending on your needs and the activities you wish to carry out. Products are also available individually according to your preferences and budget.

Q: My participants have reduced mobility, are the activities adapted to them?

A: This guide was designed to be used by several types of participants. The activities have been tested directly with participants of all skill and mobility levels to make certain all activities are appropriate or easily modified for participants of all kinds. The level of difficulty for each of the activities was established based on a fairly alert and autonomous clientele. Since when dealing with specific clienteles, the groups are rarely homogeneous, it is the facilitator’s responsibility to identify the participants’ abilities in relation to the chosen activity and to make the necessary adaptations ensure all participants’ safety and enjoyment. The level of difficulty is to be assessed according to the participants. Modifications are mentioned for each activity so that difficulty levels can be decreased or increased as needed.

Q: How do I get OMNIKIN® products?

A: You can order to one of our distributors.

Q: Are the products guaranteed?

A: All Omnikin products are guaranteed for 2 years against any manufacturing defect.

Q: Is there training for leisure workers working with specific clienteles?

A: Omnikin offers specific training for practitioners so that they can maximize the potential of the guide’s activities with specific clienteles and thus achieve everyone’s satisfaction. Knowledge transfer is essential to help the training participants acquire experiences that they can reproduce during activities with their participants, in addition to the support that the guide offers

Q: Why use OMNIKIN® products for these activities?

A: The guide’s activities were designed with the Omnikin balls in mind since their characteristics meet the needs of specific clienteles. Many companies attempt to duplicate, but Omnikin balls do not find their equal on the market in terms of lightness, durability and performance. All activities were designed with Omnikin products in mind, so only using our brand will ensure safety and maximum enjoyment during their use. All Omnikin brand balls are designed with high quality standards and carry the Omnikin logo. The difference is notable in the quality of the fabric used as well as the seams. The playful and colorful design, as well as the size of the balls, contributes to the fun and attracts participants every time. Beware of imitations. These balls often have thin fabrics and fragile seams or a heavier, less bouncy and less resistant bladder.

Q: I only have access to a small room for activity, are the activities possible in tight spaces?

A: Depending on the activities you want to perform, several sizes of Omnikin balls exist, ranging from 14 to 72 inches (0.36 to 1.83 meters) in diameter. You can choose the size of the ball that suits your space.

Q: How to maintain, inflate and deflate the balls?

A: In the guide, you will find a section on the use and maintenance of equipment. Hyperlinks lead to videos on recommendations for disinfecting Omnikin equipment, as well as videos that demonstrate how to inflate and deflate the balls. Several other videos are also available on the Official Omnikin YouTube channel on product use and other activity ideas. When purchasing equipment, instructions on the maintenance, use and repair of the products are included in the packaging.

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