Omnikin Six: 3 inclusive PE games to try today

May 21, 2024

The 6 Hoops
Written by Dominic Courchesne
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In physical education, the quest for inclusive PE games that captivate and include every student is never-ending. With the introduction of the Omnikin Six, educators now have a new dynamic tool that transforms traditional PE games into inclusive adventures. Let’s explore Omnikin Six in more detail and why it brings a new dimension to inclusive PE games.

Omnikin Six: Colourful balls for inclusive PE games

(green, blue, orange, purple, red, and yellow). The balls are soft to the touch, making them ideal for safe play. Because they are so lightweight, participants of all ages and abilities can handle them.

The Omnikin Six encourages cooperative play, making it perfect for inclusive PE sessions. Use Omnikin Six balls for games and activities that require six different teams and for small or larger groups of over 30 participants.

Their versatility shines through in facilitating the introduction to foundational sports skills, such as volleyball, soccer, and basketball. However, Omnikin Six balls can also be used for over 20 different games! Next, we’ll present three of the most popular Omnikin Six games PE teachers love.


3 must-try inclusive PE games with Omnikin Six

Omnikin Six game #1: Prey Against Predator


The team representing the prey will try to avoid having its ball hit by the predator team’s ball.


For this Omnikin Six game, you need one set of Omnikin Six balls.


In the fast-paced game Predator vs. Prey, the playing field is divided into three zones for six teams, each distinguished by coloured bibs.

Two teams face off in each zone: one as the prey, attempting to keep their ball in play with uninterrupted passes, and the other as the predator, aiming to strike the prey’s ball with their own.

The switch of roles from prey to predator occurs when a successful hit is made. The round’s victor is the team holding the prey position when time expires, celebrating the skill of evasion and precision.

In this game, players must plant their feet firmly when in possession of the ball, and predators must tactically aim for the ball, not the player, ensuring a challenge that’s as much about strategy as it is agility.

In this Omnikin Six game, quick thinking and swift passing are the keys to success, offering a dynamic challenge that encourages teams to stay alert and work together to prevail.

You can learn more about the participant benefits, activity leader benefits, variations and pedagogical intention of Prey Against Predator here.

Omnikin Six game #2: Popcorn Machine


The objective of this Omnikin Six game is for players to keep the corn kernels (the balls) within a circle using their feet.


For this Omnikin Six game, you need one set of Omnikin Six balls.


In the Popcorn Machine, participants collaboratively form a large circle, positioning themselves lying on their backs with their feet elevated towards the circle’s center, emulating the walls of a popcorn machine.

Into this human-constructed arena, all available Omnikin Six balls are introduced as the corn kernels waiting to be popped.

The game’s core objective is for the players to use only their feet to keep their ball (akin to a corn kernel) afloat within the circle for as long as possible, mirroring the lively bursts of popcorn within a machine. If a corn kernel falls out of the machine, the teacher decides whether or not it should go back in.

Note: Hands are not permitted!

Other variants include separating students into different circles (teams). Each circle is assigned an Omnikin Six ball of a different colour. The goal is for each team to keep their ball in the circle for the longest period of time.

This engaging activity not only fosters teamwork and coordination but also offers a playful simulation of popcorn popping, with players and balls creating a dynamic and interactive experience.

You can learn more about the participant benefits, activity leader benefits, variations and pedagogical intention of Popcorn Machine here.

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Omnikin Six game #3: 6 Hoops


The objective of this Omnikin Six game is to get six teams to compete and score in each hoop before all the others.


For this Omnikin Six game, you need one set of Omnikin Six balls, 6 hoops and 6 cards for each team colour.


Form six teams, each with an Omnikin Six ball. Distribute six hoops and matching sets of six coloured cards across the playing area, assigning one hoop and set of cards to each team. Teams gather around their assigned hoop, where their coloured cards are placed.

The objective is to score in every hoop by making three bounce passes among three players into the hoop. After scoring, a team collects a card in their colour and moves to another hoop.

Rules are simple: Players cannot walk while holding the ball, necessitating passing to move. Interfering with another team’s play is not allowed. If teams clash at a hoop, the first to arrive plays first. The others can wait or move to a different hoop. The team wins the game by first collecting all their coloured cards.

This energetic game is a thrilling race against the clock and opponents as teams bounce-pass their way to victory, strategically collecting their coloured cards from hoop to hoop.

You can learn more about the participant benefits, activity leader benefits, variations and pedagogical intention of 6 Hoops here.

Looking for other Omnikin Six game ideas for inclusive PE classes? You can find them here.


Omnikin Six brings a splash of colour and a burst of energy to PE classes, proving that inclusivity and fun can go hand-in-hand. The games highlighted here are not only about winning or scoring but also about building a community within the classroom, where every student has a role to play, and every movement contributes to the collective goal. Enjoy!

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