6 Hoops PE Game Idea 2




14" (0.36 m) to 24" (0.61 m)

Age group

8 years old and +


> 30 participants



Activity Type



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6 teams compete and must score in each hoop before the others.


Complete the task before the other teams.

How the game is played

Divide the participants into 6 teams and give them each an Omnikin SIX ball. Scatter 6 hoops in the playing area and group the players of each team around one of them. In each hoop, place 6 cards of different colours (the same as the SIX).

When the game begins, each team must score in all the hoops before the other teams by completing three bouncing passes made by three different players in the hoop. Once a point is scored, the team takes the card of their colour and can go attack another hoop.

Rules: A player holding the ball cannot walk with it, so teams must move around the gym making passes. It is not possible to interfere with another team’s ball; if two teams arrive at the same hoop at the same time.

The first team to bounce the ball into the hoop has priority, and the other team can wait or attack another hoop while waiting. The first team to get all the cards of its colour wins the round.


Have players work on their basketball skills by using chest passes or bouncing passes to move around the court or allow players to take up to three steps while dribbling. Change the scoring method to catching a pass with one foot on the floor in the hoop. Add a “goalie” to slow down other teams. Add more hoops and/or more teams.

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