Omnikin Small Balls


2 to 8 hours

Age group


High School


12 to 30


Inside - Outside

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Omnikin’s philosophy has always been one of inclusion and cooperation. In this training session, you will learn how games that promote inclusion can encourage an active lifestyle and build confidence in anyone.

Experiment with the benefits of inclusive gameplay while learning new game ideas with Omnikin’s durable, lightweight and colourful 14″ to 48″ balls.


The activities presented develop hand-eye, eye-foot, and hand-foot coordination, all while bringing participants to develop social skills through communication.

Exemple of a 3h of training

  1. 10 min: Introduction to the training session
  2. 10 min: Get to know how to use the material
  3. 30 min: Games with 6 teams
  4. 30 min: Aptitude Games
  5. 10 min: Break
  6. 10 min: Balance games
  7. 30 min: Poison Games
  8. 30 min: Questions and maintenance

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