2 Dogs for a Bone PE Game Idea 14




14" (0.36 m) to 24" (0.61 m)

33" (0.84 m) to 48" (1.22 m)

Age group

6 years old and +


12-30 participants



Activity Type



2 Dogs for a Bone Game
2 Dogs for a Bone Game
2 Dogs for a Bone Game
2 Dogs for a Bone Game
2 Dogs for a Bone Game

Team or Duo Physical Education game

Seeking a cooperative physical education game that can be done indoor and outdoor? Look no further than 2 Dogs for a Bone! Dive into the excitement of this game, perfect for enhancing eye-hand coordination. Read on for all the details on how play this easy to explain PE game.


The participants must, when their number is named, succeed in bringing the bone back to their house after a duel with an opponent.


In this physical education game, participants will enhance their teamwork abilities as they have to collaborate to collect the most points for their team.

How the game is played

Group the participants into two lines (teams) facing each other about 5 meters apart and place the bone (a 33′ ball or larger) in the center between the two lines. Then give each participant a number in reverse, i.e., the number 1s are at different ends.

Then designate a participant in the middle of each team’s line to be the leash keeper and to be given a SUPER ball. Then, tell the participants that their “doghouse” is the wall of the gym on participant number 1’s side. When the game begins, the activity leader should call out a number.

Participants with that number will first have to retrieve their team’s leash (SUPER) and then try to get the bone (the big ball) back to their team’s niche (wall). Participants must use the leash to manipulate the bone and if they lose it, they must retrieve it before they can reach the bone again.


  • Use another model of ball such as the OMNIKIN SIX, VOLLEY or SOCCER
  • Add one or more leashes (balls) for a team version

Specific safety rules

While two participants are fighting over the bone, the others in line must remain still and must not push or kick the ball.

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