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Practice and Outside KIN-BALL® Sport

Ball Specifications

You already know KIN-BALL® sport, played by three teams of four players with a giant ball, but you don’t have access to a large enough indoor space? There are 2 versions inspired by the official ball, one for outside use and one adapted for sport training. Outside ball is the best for day camp. Smaller and heavier, the cover is made with a nylon cover designed for outdoor conditions. Practice ball is also heavier and even smaller than the official one. This one was thought to help training for KIN-BALL® sport when you don’t have access to a gymnasium. It now becomes possible to play outside on grass or clay surfaces, in the snow or on the beach and even in sunny or rainy wheather.

  • Sizes: 40” (1,02 m) blue ball and 33” (0,84 m) red ball
  • Weight: 2,2 lbs (1 kg) ou 1,4 lbs (0,63 kg)

  • SAFE



Material :
  • 100% “high-tenacity” nylon cover with doubled nylon seams.
  • Includes two latex bladders 33’’-36’’ (0,84 m- 0,92 m) for the practice ball or two latex bladders 40”-48” (1,02 m-1,22m) for the outside ball.
  • The outside ball is blue and the practice ball is red.
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Games with this ball



  • Number of players : 9 to 30 per ball
  • Age group : 7 to 77 years
  • Environment :
    • Gymnasium

The Cowboy


  • Number of players : 5-25 per ball
  • Age group : 5 years and older
  • Environment :
    • Gymnasium
    • Grass
    • Beach
    • Snow
    • Asphalt

Please take note that other games exist with these balls. To find out more, visit our Trainings & Workshops page.

How to play?


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