Train PE Game Idea 9




33" (0.84 m) to 48" (1.22 m)

60" (1.52 m) to 72" (1.83 m)

Age group

4 years old and +


> 30 participants



Activity Type


TPU Street Kin-Ball Sport Ball
TPU Street Kin-Ball Sport Ball

The ideal physical activity for large groups

Need help finding large groups games? Try Train. This game does not last long and is accessible to all. As a cooperative activity, it encourages players to enhance their strategies.


Participants will relay each other to create a railroad that the train can follow around the gym.


This PE game aims to boost participant’s cardiovascular capacity and teamwork strategies to create a train go around the gym.

How the game is played

Line up participants side-by-side on a line in the gym and have them lie on their backs with their arms at their sides. The game starts at the end of the line, and the activity leader will roll the ball over the participants. Once the ball (train) has rolled over them, the participants must get up and run back to the prone position at the end of the line to allow the train to continue. The train must turn to avoid the walls. The game continues until the train has gone all the way around the gym or the participants can’t get into position quickly enough for the train to continue.


Cooperative skills can be worked on by having participants follow a course marked with cones rather than simply walking around the gym.

Specific safety rules

Have participants lie on their backs to avoid “chin-to-floor” contact. Ask participants to walk to the end of the railroad track, passing for the side of the feet of other participants already lying down.

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