Massage Nursing Home Activity




14" (0.36 m) to 24" (0.61 m)

Age group


< 12 participants



Activity Type


Massage PE Game
Massage PE Game

The perfect physical nursing home activity

Nursing home games can be incredibly fun while also helping residents develop motor and cognitive skills. This inclusive PE game offers many variations, allowing you to adapt the activity to suit all participants and ensure everyone is included.


With a ball, the participants will have to massage themselves or a person by rolling it on their back.


This cooperative game is designed for nursing home residents and helps develop cooperation skills among participants.

How this PE game is played

For this PE game, arrange participants in a circle fairly close together and each person takes a ball and rolls it onto the back of the person in front.

Depending on the number of balls, make a line and rotate so that each participant is at the end of the line without a ball.


  • Replace the ball with an OMNIKIN noodle
  • Participants can be placed in teams of 2 and each person massages the other in turn
  • The ball can be rolled on the back, in front of the legs, behind the legs, on the top of the head, on the arms and hands
  • Each participant can also self-massage (in front of the legs, on top of the head, on the arms and hands, and under the feet)
  • This game can be played while standing or sitting


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