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Official KIN-BALL® Sport

Ball Specifications

Invented in Quebec in 1987, KIN-BALL® sport is played with a ball of four feet (1,22 m) in diameter and that weighs 2 lbs (1 kg). The only organized cooperative sport in the world, this sport is played with three teams of four players on a surface no larger than 60” per 60” (20 m per 20 m). The goal of the game is simple; to catch and control the ball before it touches the ground. Points are given when a team commits a fault such as dropping the ball. This emerging sport is played in more than 30 countries. Beside the fun of playing, KIN-BALL® sport is known as an activity that helps integration of people with disabilities. Also, it is used in programs to fight childhood obesity and bullying in schools.

  • Sizes: 48” (1,22 m)
  • Weight: 1 kg (2,2 lbs)

  • SAFE



Material :
  • 100% “high-tenacity” nylon cover with doubled nylon seams.
  • Includes two latex bladders 40”-48” (1,02 m-1,22m).
  • Choice of colors. (grey, black or pink)
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Games with this ball



  • Number of players : 9 to 30 per ball
  • Age group : 7 to 77 years
  • Environment :
    • Gymnasium

The Monster Truck


  • Number of players : 15-25 per ball
  • Age group : 5 years and older
  • Environment :
    • Gymnasium
    • Grass
    • Beach
    • Snow

Please take note that other games exist with this ball. To find out more, visit our Trainings & Workshops page.

How to play?


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