PE Game Idea 10 | Ultimate Rugby




14" (0.36 m) to 24" (0.61 m)

Age group

8 years old and +


12-30 participants



Activity Type



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Based on the Ultimate Frisbee rules, two teams compete to score the most points.


Score more points than the other team.

How the game is played

Divide the participants into two teams and designate a touchdown zone for each team at the ends of the gym at least 3 meters deep. Conduct a coin toss to determine which team will take the kickoff.

At the time of the kickoff, players from both teams must be in their touchdown zones. Players from the kicking team must remain in the kickoff area until the receiving team has touched the ball. Once the ball is caught, the team in possession of the ball is on offence and will want to move into the other team’s touchdown zone.

RULES: A player with the ball cannot walk with it and has an arm’s length protection zone for 5 “Mississippis.” Using passes, the offensive team will attempt to complete a pass to a player with both feet in the opposing team’s touchdown zone. If an offensive player takes more than 5 “Mississippis” to complete the pass and is touched by a player of the defending team, there is an automatic change of possession.

If a pass is dropped or intercepted, there is an automatic change of possession. A touchdown gives 3 points to the team that scored it. Following a touchdown, the team that scored it restarts the game with a kickoff.


Conversion: Following a touchdown, a team may attempt to complete a conversion (held punt) by touching a target such as a basketball backboard or wall target. A conversion is worth 1 point.

Field goal: At any time, a player on the offensive team can attempt a field goal. To do so, they simply hit the ball on the ground and the players of the defensive team must then move away.

The kicker will then attempt to kick the ball into the wall behind the opposing team’s touchdown zone and the rebound will have to be caught by a player from their team. If not, the field goal is failed and the opposing team will regain possession of the ball from the spot where the kick was attempted.

If the field goal is successful, the team scores 2 points and will restart the game with a kickoff.

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