Parachute Nursing Home Game





14" (0.36 m) to 24" (0.61 m)

Age group


12-30 participants



Activity Type


With a parachute
With a parachute
With a parachute
With a parachute

A fun and inclusive physical education game

Parachute is designed specifically for nursing homes, proving that joy and activity can be enjoyed at any age. This cooperative physical education game can be played both indoors and outdoors, encouraging collaboration and the eye-hand coordination.


In collaboration, participants will have to manipulate a parachute with balls on it without them falling to the ground.


The benefit of this nursing home game is its ability to improve hand-eye coordination as participants work together to keep the balls in the parachute.

How the game is played

Arrange the participants in a circle one arm’s length apart. Then each participant must hold the parachute and move it to move the ball, following the instructions of the activity leader without dropping the ball on the ground.

The instructions could be: hands at trunk level, head level, overhead, arms extended, on knees, one-handed, etc.


  • Add balls or other objects to the parachute.
  • Assign a number to participants, name a number, and have the corresponding participant switch places with his or her neighbor on the right, left, or in front.
  • The activity leader can prepare a list of challenges to be performed (avoid contact between the balls, have the balloons touch the ceiling, empty the parachute, rotate the objects back and forth, keep the objects on one side of the parachute, etc.).
  • Perform the activity while standing or sitting.

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