Treasure Hunt Nursing Home Game





Age group


12-30 participants



Activity Type



Noodle set
Noodle set

Individual or duo PE game

Treasure Hunt is designed specifically for nursing homes because fun has no age limit. Aiming to enhance participants’ teamwork and strategic thinking, this engaging game can be played individually or in teams. Discover how to play below.


Participants will have to find noodlettes and group them together in their territory.

Objective of the PE game

Treasure hunt aims to enhance participants’ teamwork and strategic thinking. This nursing home game involves participants in planning and executing tactics to retrieve objects.

How the game is played

Working individually or in teams, participants
must grab the noodlettes they find in a specific
a specific area.

Each player or team tries to get as many noodlettes as possible, and participants can only take one noodlette at a time and must return it to their territory before trying to take another.

It is not possible to steal noodlettes from other players.


  • Play in teams and include staff members in the PE game.
  • Points are awarded according to the color of the noodlettes
  • The activity can be played over a longer period, such as a day or even a week.

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