Leaning Tower PE Game Idea 22





Age group

6 years old and +


12-30 participants



Activity Type


Leaning tower
Leaning tower
Leaning Tower
Leaning Tower
Leaning Tower

A Fun and Inclusive PE Game

Seeking a cooperative physical education game that’s both fun and inclusive? Look no further than Leaning Tower! Dive into the simplicity and excitement of this game, perfect for enhancing teamwork and coordination. Read on for all the details on how play this easy to explain PE game.


In teams of two, participants must catch their partner’s noodle before it falls to the ground.


This PE game aims to enhance reaction time, improve eye-hand coordination, and foster teamwork among participants by catching the noodle before it touches the ground.

How the game is played

Arrange participants in pairs, facing each other, one step away from their partner. Each partner must place their fry on the floor like a tower (vertically) by holding it on top with their hand.

When both partners are ready, they must say “go” and release their noodle, then go catch their partner’s noodle before it falls to the ground.

If both partners catch the noodles before they fall to the ground, they can each take one step back and try to complete the activity again. If they do not, the participants can start again at the same distance.


  • To add an extra level of difficulty, make sure the noodles don’t stand on their own. If they do, ask participants to bend them slightly to make them unstable
  • For a large-group variation, arrange all participants in a circle and ask them to catch the noodle of the person to their right
  • For participants with reduced mobility, the activity can be done sitting down, one arm’s length apart, according to their ability
  • Once participants feel comfortable, encourage them to switch hands to hold and catch the noodles. It is also possible to put a little more distance between participants.
  • To make the activity more exciting, you can introduce eliminations. Those who are eliminated can form another circle and continue the game in the meantime


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