Giant Basketball PE Game Idea 18




14" (0.36 m) to 24" (0.61 m)

Age group

8 years old and +


12-30 participants



Activity Type


Giant Basketball
Giant Basketball
Giant Basketball
Giant Basketball
Giant Basketball

An indoor fun PE game

Looking for a PE game that will motivate your students during class? Giant Basketball has got you covered. With very little material needed, this team game is incredibly fun and offers several variations to keep everyone engaged and active.


Based on the rules of Basketball, two teams compete to score the most points.


This PE game encourages students to work in teams, enhancing eye-hand coordination and improving cardiovascular capacity.

How the game is played

Divide participants into two teams and place one player in each of the two basketball bottles with a hoop in his or her hands. This player can move the hoop as long as he or she keeps it horizontal.

Play a game of basketball, limiting the number of steps a player in possession of the ball can take to 3 or 4.

Players on the defending team are not allowed to try to take the ball from the player, they can only try to intercept passes or try to block shots.

Defending team players may also do “goaltending” i.e. catch a shot before it enters the hoop. Slamdunks are allowed!


  • Require the offensive team to complete a certain number of passes before they can attempt to shoot.
  • Increase or decrease the number of dribbles allowed by the player in possession of the ball.
  • Elevate the player holding the hoop with a mat or step.
  • Designate an area where players from the teams cannot go around the player holding the hoop and if the ball gets stuck there, the player holding the hoop can return it to his team with a kick.


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