Cooperative Transportation PE Game Idea 13





Age group

6 years old and +


> 30 participants



Activity Type


cooperative transportation game with omnikin tube
cooperative transportation game with omnikin tube
cooperative transportation game with omnikin tube


In teams, participants will have to carry the tube from the starting line to the finish line according to the instructions of the activity leader.


Carrying the tube as a team.

How the game is played

Divide the group into teams of 4 to 10 participants per tube. Next, determine the start and finish lines. These lines should be at least 3 meters from the wall.

Next, tell the participants how they should move the tube (on the ground, overhead, vertically, etc.) and when the signal is given, they should go to the finish line and back to the start line.

The winning team is the one that completes the route first. Attention: All participants must touch the tube during the transport. If the tube falls, the team must simply pick it up where it fell.


  • Carrying the tube flat: on the ground, waist high, on top of the head, with an object on top
  • Carrying the tube vertically: rolling on the ground, rolling with a person on horseback
  • Carrying in rotation:
    • Flat on the ground, horizontal or vertical with a participant in the center of the tube (the tube spins on itself like a coin).
    • Rotate the tube half a turn (180 degrees). Then the tube has a distance to roll. After that, turn it on itself (as in the beginning).In the middle of the path, go around a cone.
  • Creation: ask participants to invent different transportation challenges.
  • Increase the number of round trips.

Specific safety rules

Under no circumstances may a participant stand on the tube. Do not run, as a fall of one participant may cause others to fall and the tube may fall on them.

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