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  • Can I pay with a credit card?

    Omnikin Inc. only accepts credit cards for orders placed through its on-line store.
    For organizations, it is also possible to pay by cheque upon receipt of the merchandise. To do so, you must use a written purchase order form with a number and/or a signature.

  • What is the delivery time?

    Usually, the orders are shipped within 5 business days.
    Please allow 1 to 5 days for the delivery in Canada, depending on the service selected.
    Canada Post usually provides freight service.

  • What is the freight cost?

    For on-line orders for direct customers, cost is calculated automatically by Canada Post. They are primarily based on the integrated shipment weight and the postal code of the destination.
    For orders placed by purchase order forms, freight cost is 10% of the total, with a $12 minimum charge.

  • Can I modify or cancel my order?

    Only if it was not processed by our staff. Contact us without delay.
    Click here to contact us.

  • I live outside Canada, can I order on-line?

    OMNIKIN® products are distributed through a network of authorized or exclusive distributors in many countries. If there is a distributor in your country, you will be forwarded to their Web Sites to place your order. However, you will not be able to order from the Omnikin on-line store. This is true in the USA as well as in some other countries.

Informations about products

  • Can OMNIKIN® balls be used by people that are allergic to latex?

    No, despite the fact that the allergy level is different from one person to another, all bladders of the OMNIKIN® balls are made with latex. They are not recommended for people with allergies.
    However, now we do have some free latex products, please contact us for more information.

  • What is the difference between regular bladder and athletic valve bladder?

    The regular bladder has a wide opening and it deflates quickly when you need to carry the balls. The athletic valve bladder has a small opening and stay inflated for a long period of time.

  • What size of OMNIKIN® ball is recommended for my age group?

    All OMNIKIN® balls are lightweight and safe for all ages. They can also be used by physically or mentally handicapped people.
    Despite the fact that handling of large balls can vary for different age groups, the choice of size mainly depends on the games purpose rather than the age group.
    Larger balls are mostly intended for games where the ball stays on the ground or group games.
    Please refer to our game manuals for more information.

  • What separates OMNIKIN® from the others?

    Lightness and resistance of OMNIKIN® balls are unmatched on the market.
    All OMNIKIN® brand balls are made by high quality standards and feature the OMNIKIN® logo.
    The difference is noticeable in the quality of the fabric used and seams. Beware of imitations. Those balls are often made with thin fabrics and weak seams or with a heavier bladder with less bounce and less resistant

  • Can I have a logo printed on a ball?

    It is possible to print a logo on any OMNIKIN® ball without a minimum quantity. However, they must be printed before manufacturing that is done overseas.
    A set-up charge for each logo applies (CAD$259 in 2009), and you must provide your logo in EPS format and then, we will be able to provide a price. Please allow 8 to 12 weeks for delivery and import charges of about $100.
    A deposit of 50% is required at the time of the order.

Technical Information : Inflation

  • Which inflator is recommended for my ball?

    We recommend OMNIKIN® inflators for your balls. You will then be sure to get an ideal pressure and maximize the durability of your bladder. Under all circumstances, make sure that the inflation device is clean and does not blow dust inside your ball.

    Here are the inflation devices recommended for each type of bladder :

    Balls with athletic valve (all OMNIKIN® balls of 24" and below) Balls with standard valve (all OMNIKIN® balls of 33" and more)
  • I have a ball with athletic valve that does not inflate. Why?

    First, make sure to insert the small adapter deeply enough. Do not hesitate to push hard, you will not break the valve (except if you use an oversized adapter that is not an OMNIKIN® product).
    Click here to download the instructions in PDF format.
    Click here to watch the video of how to inflate OMNIKIN® Balls.

  • I have a ball with a standard valve and it does not inflate or my bladder is smaller than the ball cover and does not fill the space. Why?

    If the bladder does not inflate, the power of your electric inflator is probably too low. The inflation device must be at least 1hp (horse power).
    It is extremely rare that the bladder included is of a wrong size. The size of your bladder is indicated by the sticker on the package, while the size of the ball cover is indicated on the Tyvec label inside the opening.
    Most of the time, people stop inflation because they are afraid of bursting which does not happen: in the case of standard valves, bladders can expand 1.5 times the size of their ball cover. Moreover, if a bladder bursts at first inflation, it will be replaced under warranty.

  • How to maintain the air inside my ball (standard valve)?

    When the ball is fully inflated, it is important to make several turns to the ball while holding the “neck” of the bladder. When inserted into the ball cover, the pressure of the ball is enough to hermetically close the bladder.
    If needed, roll up the string enclosed (or a shoe lace) around the neck before putting it into the ball cover.
    Click here to download the instructions in PDF format.
    Click here to watch the video of how to inflate OMNIKIN® Balls.

  • What is the internal pressure recommended?

    We do recommend stopping inflation as soon as there are no more creases on the ball cover (corners).
    If your inflation device has a pressure gauge, it must be between 1.5 to 2 PSI. Never exceed 2.5 PSI.
    OMNIKIN® electric inflators do not exceed the maximum pressure recommended.

Techincal Information : Use and Guarantee

  • My ball is deflating by itself after a few days. Is it normal?

    Under constant conditions and if properly closed, the ball should remain inflated from a few days to a few weeks before creases are visible on the cover. Latex, the main component of the bladder, naturally leaks a certain quantity of air through time. You only have to re-inflate your ball when creases are visible.
    A ball deflated by 50% in 48 hours is not normal and considered to be a manufacturing defect. In such a case, use the 2nd bladder provided with your purchase. Otherwise, click here to make a replacement request to exchange the product if this is still covered by its guarantee.
    If there is a hole in your bladder, you can easily locate it by inflating the bladder without its outer cover (do not inflate the bladder larger than the size of your ball).
    OMNIKIN® balls are also sensitive to temperature change. They become softer when exposed to cold. This is because warm air pressure is lower than the pressure of cold air and the outer cover of OMNIKIN® balls is thinner than conventional sport balls. Normally, it should return to normal once moved to a warmer temperature.

  • My ball is broken, is it guaranteed?

    OMNIKIN® is sensitive to corners or sharp objects. In a gymnasium, its worst enemy is the basketball net. That type of break is considered accidental and unfortunately not covered by our guarantee.

    Torn ball cover
    If your ball cover is torn in the center of a ball piece (panel), a white or pale rubbing mark is usually visible at one end. The ball probably hit a sharp object, this happens sometimes without noticing it. The damage is not covered by our guarantee but can be easily repaired.
    If your ball cover is torn at a seam, it probably is a manufacturing defect. Seams of OMNIKIN® balls are fully guaranteed. The cover can then be replaced or repaired at no charge within the year following the purchase date.
    Please communicate with us in this situation. Unfortunately in both cases, the freight cost to return a ball cover can exceed the repair cost. We suggest that you verify repair cost in a shoe repair, dry cleaning or alterations shop in your region before returning it. It can be much faster and not really expansive for you. A piece of fabric (patch) is included with every ball for repair purposes.

    Click here to download the repair instructions in PDF format.

    Burst bladder
    If your bladder has a manufacturing defect such as bursting or quick deflation, it will happen during the initial inflation. Such damage is guaranteed for a period not exceeding 2 years from the purchase date, if any.
    Click here to ask for replacement request
    If your bladder has rubbing marks around its neck or if latex has a pink or orange shade, your bladder is presumed to have been used and is unfortunately no longer guaranteed.
    Please note that latex is a material that dries with time and it is impossible to guarantee bladders against bursting over a long period of time.

  • My ball is damaged, can it be repaired?

    A ball cover can be repaired using the fabric patch enclosed or any other piece of Nylon.
    Click here to download the repair instructions in PDF format.
    See with a seamstress in your local area.
    We can also send you a fabric patch by mail free of charge
    Click here to contact us.

  • What is the maximum pressure an OMNIKIN® ball can endure?

    In laboratory testing, an OMNIKIN® can endure a pressure exceeding 1000 kg (2200 lbs). OMNIKIN® balls can support the weight of an adult.

Techincal Information : Deflation

  • My ball has an athletic valve, how to deflate it?

    You must insert the small adapter used to inflate the ball, without connecting it to the inflator, some air will leak on installation. The 1hp inflator has 2 functions, one that inflates and one that deflates. So, you can use this inflator to deflate the ball.

  • My ball has an athletic valve that is no longer aligned with the opening of the ball cover. How to re-inflate/deflate it?

    If your ball is deflated, but not enough for you to turn the bladder with fingers inside the cover, expose it to cold (cold water, outdoors) in order to soften it more until you can turn it inside its cover. OMNIKIN® balls are sensitive to temperature changes.

Technical information : Maintenance

  • How to maximize the durability of my bladder (standard valve)?

    Latex is sensitive to light and subject to drying over time. We thus recommend :

    1. Spread talcum powder (unscented baby powder) regularly;
    2. Store the bladder in a dark, dry and tempered room ;
    3. Do not store for long period without using it;
    4. If you have to store it for a long period of time, please put the bladder in an hermetic bag with talcum powder (unscented baby powder).

  • What is the best way to clean my ball?

    Ball covers can be machine washed in cold water but without liquid fabric softer (causing logos to peel off). Hang to dry.
    Bladder can only be wiped with a wet cloth.

  • What is the normal useful life of the bladders?

    It is hard to determine a fixed rule since latex is a material that is naturally sensitive to aging. Useful lifetime depends on certain conditions: frequency, storage time, humidity, light, etc.
    In general, a well kept bladder should last from 1 to 5 years.

Defective product

  • How to make a replacement request?

    Click here to see guarantee page.


  • I would like to submit a game idea with OMNIKIN® balls. How to do it?

    Omnikin is glad to receive all game ideas from his customers. Do not hesitate to submit your ideas. If it is selected, we may contact you to test the game in your school or publish it with your name in our next manual.
    Click here to contact us.

  • I want to submit a product idea that OMNIKIN® could use. How to do it?

    Omnikin is glad to receive all product ideas from his customers. Do not hesitate to submit your ideas.
    OMNIKIN® products are defined as oversized, safe and resistant. It will also be a pleasure to adapt existing products to fit your needs.
    Click here to contact us.